Andrew Lorenzen-Strait

Andrew Lorenzen-Strait exemplifies an unyielding dedication to service, integrity, and servant leadership, values he continues to uphold as a consultant based in Davidsonville, Maryland. His legacy is woven with the threads of generosity, resilience, and an ingrained commitment to bettering the lives of others, establishing him as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Andrew's unwavering integrity and meticulous rigor have etched an indelible mark across every sector he has ventured into throughout his impactful career. From his involvement in child welfare and family law to his contributions to government service and expertise in migration management, his professional journey reflects a synthesis of unwavering academic discipline, potent leadership abilities, and a natural talent for bridging disparate stakeholder groups.

Lorenzen's commendable credentials led him to a pivotal role as an advisor on the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team in 2020. Holding esteemed bar privileges in Maryland and being recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court, his contributions have left a lasting imprint on both governmental and nonprofit spheres, notably within homeland security, public health, and human services. Following his impactful presence in the legal sphere of Los Angeles, California, his merit was underscored by his selection as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) in 2003 during the Bush-Cheney Administration. This prestigious position began his proud service within the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a U.S. Department of Justice constituent. His tenure as a PMF featured significant contributions within the DEA's international programs division. It culminated in completing a U.S. Senate fellowship under the guidance of Senator Debbie Stabenow, a respected figure hailing from Michigan.

Beyond his role in influencing policies and molding the leaders of tomorrow, Strait dedicates his time to a diverse array of hobbies and charitable pursuits, all rooted in his deep affinity for child welfare, community service, and historic preservation. His selfless service as a Volunteer Park Ranger within the revered National Park Service, spanning iconic landmarks such as the Arlington Cemetery, Arlington House, and the Robert E. Lee Memorial, underscores his commitment to honoring history while actively impacting the present. His role as a Child Mentor at the Northern Virginia Aids Ministry underscores his unwavering determination to enact positive change in individual lives. An internship experience within the Office of the First Lady in 1998 reignited his enthusiasm for history, guiding him towards a role as a Historical Tour guide—a manifestation of his love for humanity intertwined with his fascination for history. Additionally, he proudly serves as a board member of Courageous Hearts Adoptions in Greenville, Indiana. This role echoes his commitment to child welfare and carries personal significance as the agency responsible for facilitating the adoption of three cherished young children into his family.

In essence, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait's narrative resonates with unwavering service, steadfast integrity, and an enduring commitment to catalyze positive transformation. His profound influence, evident across his professional journey and selfless contributions, is a testament to his tireless efforts to carve a more compassionate and brighter future for individuals and communities alike.

Attorney Strait, licensed in Maryland and California, holds membership in the United States Supreme Court Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. His outstanding pro bono work in family law, exceeding 2,000 hours, garnered him the 2007 Maryland Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award.

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